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Wall Clock Considerations
Apr 21, 2017

Whether it is the clock, wall clock, its time, minute, the second hand will keep running, if placed in the living room, there are several points to pay special attention:

1. Can be placed or hung from Rosefinch side, because Rosefinch side is the front, the front of the follower.

2. Can be placed or hung in Tsing Lung Fang, because the Tsing lung is the auspicious side, so the left of the living room is also appropriate to put the clock.

3. Do not put or hang on the white Tiger side, because the tiger side is fierce side, so the living room to the right of the clock.

4. Do not put or hang on the Xuanwu side, because the Xuanwu side for the rear, it is advisable to static unfavorable move.

5. The sofa is not hanging on the top of the clock, otherwise, the person who often sit in this position is prone to problems.

6. Placing or hanging clocks in the sleeping room is roughly the same as the living room, but the clock is not suspended at the end of the bedside bed.