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Use And Maintenance Of Alarm Clocks
Apr 21, 2017

1. Every 24 hours, the timing of the winding.

2. When dialing the needle, it can be reversed.

3. If there is a speed, can toggle the clock on the back of the slow needle, bell fast to "-" direction, the clock slowly to the "+" direction dial. The 1-grid adjustment is 3-6 minutes per dial.

4. Use the alarm bell, the first set the alarm time to set the alarm arrows, and then open the full alarm, every time, can only make once. The second use of the alarm clock, must be in the wake of 1.5 hours.

5. To stop the bell ringing, the alarm clock must be the alarm cap press; double bell alarm clock toggle Stop brake can be.

6. Clocks should be kept clean, do not put in damp, dusty, high temperature and strong magnetic field.

7. Not violent collision and vibration, and to prevent the erosion of acid-alkaline chemicals.

8. Preferably according to the use of the alarm clock, two years or so washing refueling once, to prolong the service life.