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How Is The Alarm Clock Picked?
Apr 21, 2017

(1) Check the appearance first: the bell-shell color is bright and uniform, no lacquer, discoloration and scratches. The bell should be cleaned, scales evenly, legible.

(2) Check sensitivity: A slight movement of the wound, the second hand is starting to move around, proving high sensitivity, high sensitivity bell, the continuation of the long time.

(3) to check the sound: The clock will be left and right before and after placing, if all directions in all directions in the sound of uniform, even without noise, then the normal way to go.

(4) Check whether touch needle: toggle when, minute hand, make time, minute hand and second hand coincide (three stitches overlap), the three needles should be maintained between a certain gap, not to rub. At the same time, needle and bell surface, glass should also be appropriate clearance.

(5) Check the error: The noise will be set to 3, 6, 9, 12, and then struck the needle to these places, such as alarm errors in 5 minutes, the error is normal.

(6) Check the alarm sound; alarm sound should be clear, loud, no dumb sound, no empty sound.

(7) Check the needle key, the tightness of the key to the alarm: the tightness should be moderate, if the needle spoon loose, the center wheel on the pressure spring is insufficient elastic, will produce the second hand while the needle does not walk or walk slow phenomenon, such as to make a spoon loose, noisy disc will follow the needle rotation, but if it is too tight, it is not convenient to use.