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What is the origin of the alarm clock?
Jun 06, 2018
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The clock was invented by Libby.

Primitive people judge time by the color of the sky and the brightness of the sun.

Ancient Egypt found that the length of the shadow changed with time, and the sundial was invented in the morning, and they also found that the time needed for the flow of water was fixed, so the water clock was invented.

Ancient Chinese also have water to time the tools - copper kettlets leak, they will also use the burning incense time. The incense is placed across the rope with steel beads, with the function of the time.

In 1283, in the history of the monastery in England, the first mechanical clock was driven by weights.

In thirteenth Century, the monks in northern Italy started building clock tower (or bell tower), the purpose of which was to remind people of the time of prayer in the middle of.16 century.

Those clocks have only one needle and the clock face is divided into four parts, which makes the time accurate to the last 15 minutes.1657, and Huygens finds that the frequency of the pendulum can be calculated and the first pendulum clock is created.

In 1670, when the British William Clement invented anchor escapement.1797, American Eli Terry received a patent for a clock. He was regarded as the originate of the American watch industry.

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