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What are the taboos of the wind water on the wall clock?
May 28, 2018

wall-clocks.jpg1.Hanging clocks should be placed or hung in the house of the rosefinch Fang (that is, the South), because the rosefinch Fang is the front, the front belongs to the move. And the color of the bell should be mainly red, purple and orange, and the shape of the bell is usually made of octagonal, because this position is fire.

2.It is not suitable to hang the clock on the top of the sofa. Otherwise, people who are sitting here often feel uneasy.

3.The left side of the living room should be placed with a wall clock, and the right side is not suitable.

4.Bedside or bed end is not suitable for placing clocks, other locations will not be adversely affected.

5.The wall above the desk is not suitable for placing a wall clock, and other locations will not be adversely affected.

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