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Two systems of alarm clock
Jun 04, 2018
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It also includes two systems of time and time.

1.Travel time system: the travel time system of the pointer type quartz alarm clock includes quartz resonator, CMOS integrated circuit (frequency division and drive), stepping motor (converting electrical energy to mechanical energy), counting and transmission mechanism, pointer mechanism and so on. The digital quartz alarm clock is composed of quartz resonator and CMOS integrated circuit. Road (frequency division, calculation and drive), liquid crystal display screen or light-emitting diode, conductive rubber and other components; in addition, the pointer type and digital type include batteries, MICROADJUSTABLE capacitors, splints and line plates.

2.There are two kinds of time system. One is to drive a loudspeaker or other sound device by an integrated circuit or a transistor switch (separation element), and the other is to use the electromagnetic principle directly to knock the alarm through the through and off current of the coil, tap the hammer, or absorb other sound devices.

There are many kinds of audio when the alarm clock goes on, such as single bell, double bell, back bell, noise, music, buzz, birdsong, and time.

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