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The principles of Feng shui display
Apr 21, 2017

1. The main clock is only one, the rest of the room's small alarm clock can not exceed a, such as the room in the clock too many words, will make the House of peace in the air, the house in the people will also often repeated the troubles of volatile.

2. Zhong Yi in the house with Square, as far as possible to avoid circular, triangular, hexagonal or octagonal, etc., because the circular bell will make the house unfaithful Nevy wives, the rest of the shape of the bell will lead to non-dispute, but Square bell is most serene.

3. The clock in the bedroom is not big, the big will make people restless, fidgeting and gather less.

4. A small house, not suitable for placing large Ben, on the one hand, on the other hand, the bell is also a sound evil, will make people have a sense of fear, and have "empty" effect.

5. The bell should hang on the auspicious side and face the fierce side so that it can block and turn the opposite evil.

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