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The component name of the alarm clock
Jun 01, 2018
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1.Pendulum consists of pendulum, pendulum rod, pendulum device and periodic adjustment device. Used in a fixed clock. When the pendulum is released from any point of the plumb line (equilibrium position) under the action of external force, the pendulum will reciprocate around the fulcrum under the action of gravity. The vibration process is the alternating process of the kinetic energy and the potential energy of the pendulum.

2.The torsion pendulum is mainly composed of the pendulum and the suspended wire. The lower end of the suspension wire is fixed on the swing plate, and the upper end is fixed on the immovable fulcrum. The cross section of the wire can be rectangular or round. The torsional pendulum often forms the escapement speed regulation system with the back escapement mechanism or the fork type escapement mechanism. The torsion pendulum has a longer vibration period (a few seconds to tens of seconds), and is usually used for fixed time clocks with longer energy consumption and longer travel time.

3.The vibration system of the balance wire: the inside and outside ends of the hair spring are respectively fixed on the pendulum shaft and the swing splint. When the balance wheel moves away from its equilibrium position and begins to swing, the traveling wire is twisted to generate potential energy, which is usually called the restoring moment. The torque causes the swing wheel to move toward its equilibrium position.

The upper needle is tightened up the spring in the original moving system, and the mechanism that corrects the time indicated by the clock by clockwise and minute hand. When the upper bar is on, the vertical wheel and the clutch wheel are in a meshing state. When the needle is pulled, the clutch wheel and the vertical wheel are disengaged and engaged with the needle wheel.

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