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The basic structure of the clock
Apr 21, 2017

1. The front shell (also called the front cover): The Surface treatment method has: Direct injection molding color, spray painting, electroplating, coated (also called transfer printing), hot stamping and so on.

2. Rear Shell (also called rear cover)

3. Battery cover

4. Mirror: The material has glass (also divided into flat glass and arc glass) and plastic, which hangs the wall bell basically is the glass, the clock is 2 kinds of all have.

5. Bell surface (also called literal): material has paper, PVC (a kind of plastic), the metal, its scale, the text and the pattern are silk printed up.

6. Zhong Zhen (also called pointer): material has plastic and metal, which hangs the wall bell is basically metal, clock is 2 kinds of all have.

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