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How to reset time of table clock
Dec 29, 2017

How to reset time of Amazon Table Clock

If you own an Amazon Table Clock, you may need to use an "AA" 1.5v battery,put it on the back of the battery position,make sure that the "+""-”is on the right side,how to check if they are on the right side? 

Every Amazon Table Clock has a second hand,you just need to see if the second hand is running.if yes,then,it is correct,you can go ahead to set the time.if not running,you should put the battery in different side.

How to reset the time

There are 1-2 two gear shape knobs on the back of the clock,one is to reset the alarm time,another one is to correct the time,just try one of it,you will see the minite hand and hour hand is running accoringly.

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