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How to Repair a Quartz wall clocks
Sep 26, 2017

The quartz wall clock movement does not rely on the spring or weight to generate power. Quartz clocks use battery  power as energy . Many clock repairers choose to replace the relatively inexpensive quartz movement when clock is dosnt work for other reason than  discharged battery . However, before deciding to replace the movement, the owner can take steps. These steps can be carried out with a small amount of tools and materials within 30 minutes.

wall clock.jpg 

wall clock 1.jpg 

Step 1

Check the clock glass to ensure that the minute hand is not come in contact with the glass.

wall clock2.jpg 

Step 2

Check the hands of the quartz wall clock to make sure they do not come in contact with the dial.

wall clock3.jpg 

Step 3

Bend the minute hand slightly with your fingers so that you can make any corrections when hands touch each other or glass.

wall clock4.jpg 

Step 4

If the center is too close to the dial, use forefinger to exert equal pressure on the center ring of the hour hand and pull it forward slightly . Bend the hour hand if you need to adjust the length of the finger away from the dial

wall clock5.jpg 

Step 5

If applicable, use the appropriate screwdriver to remove the screws on the rear panel of the battery access panel.

wall clock6.jpg 

Step 6

Remove the battery or battery from the quartz movement. Check the battery at the end of each battery for obvious signs of corrosion.

wall clock7.jpg 

Step 7

Check the battery contact points and the surrounding area for signs of corrosion.



Step 8

Use a wet paper to remove any loose corrosion. Repeat as necessary to remove loose corrosion as much as possible. Use a swab to carry the corner area and the battery contact point.


Step 9

Use # 380 sandpaper to clean the battery contacts of the quartz movement to eliminate any corrosion that may occur on the contact point. This step is essential to ensure proper operation of the quartz clock motion circuit


Step 10

After grinding the contact point, clean the battery area with a wet tissue.


Step 11

After cleaning the battery area with a dry paper towel, remove all moisture. Use a cotton swab under the corner and area of the battery contacts.


Step 12

Install a new battery according to the manufacturer's recommendations for size or type. Please pay attention to the positive (+) of the battery to match the positive (+) contact of the battery area of the quartz clock.


Step 13

Replace the access panel and screws with the appropriate screwdriver.


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