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How should the Wood Wall Clock be put?
Jun 05, 2018
Wood Wall Clock.jpg

It is usually hung in a living room or a dining room.

1. The clock with a clock is the best round

The clock has different materials and shapes. According to its shape and material, it is divided into five lines. The five rows of circular clocks are gold and have the meaning of "round the earth". A rectangular or wooden alarm clock, five rows of wood, a square alarm clock, and five rows of earth. These three kinds of alarm clocks are placed in the living room, which is conducive to the master's fortune. In addition, five rows of waves, water and polygons are water. The triangular alarm clock is five lines of fire. The fire - shaped, water - shaped alarm clock should not be placed in the living room.

2, According to the master's delight

If the master five lines of fire, put the wooden clock. If five lines of water are happy, put the golden clock. If the five lines of earth like the earth, put the square clock. If the five rows are happy, put the wooden clock. If five lines of gold, round the clock.

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