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How do you pick an alarm clock?
May 25, 2018

How do you pick an alarm clock?

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(1) First check the appearance: the bell shell is bright and uniform, without paint, discoloration and scratches. The clock face should be clean, the scale is uniform and the handwriting is clear.

(2) Check sensitivity: start the clockwork slightly, the second hand starts to move around, proving the sensitivity is high. The clock with high sensitivity continues to travel for a long time.

(3) Check out the time of the sound: the clock side and so left and right up and down, if all directions in all directions are consistent with the light and light, even without noise, then it is normal to walk.

(4) Check whether to touch the needle: when the needle is moved, the minute hand and the second hand coincide (the overlap of the three needles), and there should be a certain gap between the three needles, and no rub should be allowed. At the same time, there should be a suitable gap between the needle and the clock and glass.

(5) Check the difference: put the scene to 3, 6, 9, 12 respectively, and then divide the needle into these places, such as the error of the noise is within 5 minutes, and the difference is normal.

(6) Check the alarm sounds; the alarm should be clear, loud, silent and empty.

(7) Check the tightness of the spoon and the spoon: the tightness should be moderate. If the spoon is loose, it is indicated that the spring pressure on the center wheel is not enough, which will produce a slow phenomenon when the second hand goes and the minute needle does not walk or walk. If the spoon is loose, the disk will rotate along with the minute hand. But if it is too tight, it is not convenient to use.

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